Study Abroad / Immersion Program


The ASC International Study Abroad or Immersion programs are Year 3-12 programs which are designed for a ‘taster’ experience of school life in an ASC School. Students are able to completely immerse as a student into one of our 14 schools across Australia for up to 12 weeks (1 term). Classes are run as per usual and students are timetabled into the normal class schedules with all other students. This program provides a true reflection of a student’s ability to immerse into Australia so that parents can make an educated decision on moving their child to one of our longer term Graduate Programs. Students who successfully transition from our Study Abroad/Immersion Programs to our Graduate Programs will receive financial discounts.


Students can qualify for our Study Abroad Program with a visitor visa and are not required to hold a student visa.  Intakes into this program occur at the commencement of each term.  


Students in our Study Abroad Program will receive two ASC International polo shirts that can be worn in place of a School uniform.