What is the ASC International's REAL Program?


As one of Australia's leading system of private, the Anglican Schools Commission (ASC) provides flexible program options to suit your learning needs, including our Remote Education Anywhere Live or REAL Program.


Essentially, our REAL Program is a remote or virtual learning program that can be delivered to students in a face to face manner, in real time, all from the comfort of their home environment.


Remote Education is about teaching the curriculum through virtual and blended learning. Virtual learning is the gaining knowledge or skills through study, experience, collaboration and teaching through the use of information and communication technologies; blended learning is a mix of virtual and face-to-face teaching and learning. These modes of learning provide our students with a highly personalised experience.


Our REAL Program is available to students residing outside of Australia. The learning environment allows for flexible, engaging and self- paced learning. We foster a safe, engaging and inclusive learning environment by coupling state-of-the-art technology with innovative and adaptive teaching practices.


We use the term 'Remote' learning rather than technology specific labels such as online or e-learning because effective and meaningful student learning from home can take many forms. While technology plays an important part in remote learning, it is not the only tool and it is not always the most appropriate platform for student learning. Furthermore, our courses involve a large portion of face to face, real time classes. This is aimed to mimic a traditional classroom environment and learning style. In many ways, our REAL Program provides our students with the very best of everything. We enable our students to have full course material access and face to face access to teachers, sometimes, in one on one or small group environments. All whilst enjoying learning in the comforts of their own home.


Within the guidelines of our REAL Program, teachers are trusted and empowered to deploy appropriate delivery of content and learning activities utilising tools that are fit for purpose and relevant to the subject, content and skills being learned, as well as to the age and stage of the students and their developmental needs. Wherever possible, technologies and ways of learning will continue to be those with which teachers and students are familiar.


There may be device and internet access issues for some students and families. Students or families should contact our Student Services Team for assistance with this, if needed.