Pathway to University

Your Successful Pathway To University

“ ASC International offers a well-rounded education with many co-curricular and enrichment activities such as camps, sport events, arts and additional language support. These enabled me to explore my hobbies and career interests. My teachers were not only passionate about teaching but also dedicated to us. They made every effort to assist me whenever I approached them for help. The School also provided me with a comprehensive range of study materials to help me understand and master the syllabus. More importantly, my teachers gave me invaluable emotional and mental support. I did not panic or feel fearful during my Year 12 examinations as they had boosted my self-confidence with their guidance and study techniques. I faced my examinations with the absolute certainty that I would achieve my goal of going to university.”


Ruby Wang, Architecture Undergraduate,

The University of Western Australia.

Our Student Achievements

In 2015, more than half our WAUFP students scored above the equivalent of 90% Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking (ATAR). Highly competitive degree programs including Architecture, Engineering, Law, Veterinary Science and Medicine typically require very high ATAR scores as part of their entry requirements.

Home Country of Top Ten Students

 Average CPS (Combined Percentage Score)

Average of Equivalent ATAR (Austalian Tertiary Admission Ranking)

East Malaysia 89.7 98
Singapore 82 97
Macau 78.3 96
China 75.6 95
West Malaysia 74.5 93
Hong Kong 71.5 91