Choose your own study adventure with ASC International


ASC International recognises that students and parents have different motivations for visiting Australia to study.  As such, our programs cater to this and provide for different options for students.  Please read the information below to learn some more about our programs.


Primary Graduate Program


The ASC International Primary Graduate Programs are run from our John Wollaston Anglican Community School Campus. This campus is CRICOS registered to deliver long-term primary programs to student visa holders. The Primary Program at John Wollaston is among a small number of school programs in Western Australia authorised as a world school to teach the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP).


The PYP is designed for children aged five to 12 and is regarded as world’s best practice in primary education.

Students are encouraged to ask challenging questions, critically reflect, develop research skills, learn how to learn, and carry out community service.


Secondary Graduate Program


In Western Australia, secondary school runs from Year 7 to 12. Students start Year 7, the first year of secondary school, in the year they turn 12 years old by 30 June. Years 11 and 12 are considered ‘Senior School’.  


Our secondary Graduate Program is delivered in 11 Schools across Western Australia designed for students wishing to study for longer than three months.  Students enter Australia on a Student (500) visa and integrate into school life and follow the standard national curriculum program.


Our curriculum is run following the WA Certificate of Education (WACE) syllabus, with an additional offering of the WA Universities’ Foundation Program (WAUFP), run out of our CBD School campus, St George’s Anglican Grammar School.


ASC International has facilitated partnership links with many higher education and VET providers in order to assist students move onto further study after completing their WACE or WAUFP studies with us.


Short Term Study Abroad Programs


The ASC International Study Abroad or Immersion programs are Year 2-12 programs which are designed for a ‘taster’ experience of school life in an ASC School. Students are able to completely immerse as a student into one of our 14 schools across Australia for up to 12 weeks (1 term). Classes are run as per usual and students are timetabled into the normal class schedules with all other students. This program provides a true reflection of a student’s ability to culturalism and immerse into Australia so that parents can make an educated decision on moving their child to longer term Graduate Programs. Students who successfully transition from our Study Abroad/Immersion Programs to our Graduate Programs will receive financial discounts.


Study Tour Program


Our Study Tour Programs are customised programs designed to provide an Australian-based adventure learning experience. Ranging from 2-6 weeks and catering to groups of up to 20, our study tours combine English language, Australian culture and School immersion amidst adventure-based fun and activity. Study Tour programs can be run at any one of our 14 Schools across Australia and are an attractive way for students to share cross cultural ideas and create new friendships.