International Student Services Program

Support and Welfare


The International Student Support and Welfare Program will introduce you to Australia, your school and its teachers even before you leave your home country. After you arrive in Perth, our dedicated staff will be available to help you settle into your new home and school. It is important to know that help is here and that you are never alone. Our Student Services staff will schedule regular meetingswith students throughout the semester in order to keep up to date on your progress. Students should also feel welcome to schedule times with our teams to discuss any issues or concerns that they may have.


Pre-Departure Orientation Program

After enrolment, students and their parents take the online ASC International Pre-Departure Orientation Program from the comfort of their home. They learn vital information about issues such as Pre-Departure preparation, Health and Well-being, Personal Safety, Accommodation and Transport. They are also introduced to the ASC, the School and Student Support Services.

They can also access information on setting up an Australian bank account and getting an Australian SIM card so this can be arranged before leaving the country. As required, students may also be provided with a one-on-one Skype meeting with their Principal or English Language teacher prior to arrival. Our unique Pre-Departure Orientation Program also refers students to English language and study skills resources to give their student journey the best start possible.


After Arrival

Students will be welcomed at the airport before proceeding to their Homestay or nominated residence. They then meet their Homestay family who help them to settle in.

Before the start of term, students enjoy a School orientation with other international students.


Additional Support Services

The International Student Support and Welfare Coordinator will meet with the students regularly to ensure that they have settled in and are making progress in their studies.