ASC Language School

ASC International is proud to boast it's own language school where students can undertake academic English programs in order to prepare them for study in a mainstream secondary environment.  Located in St George's Anglican Grammar School, our CBD campus, students can study in our language school for up to four terms before moving on to any one of our eleven school campuses for mainstream secondary study.


Preparation For Secondary Studies Program (PSS)

Course Code 078837K


The Preparation for Secondary Studies (PSS) Course is an English Language program specifically designed for students about to enter high school programs to help improve their English language proficiency. The course includes some subject content to ensure that students become familiar with the vocabulary and terminology needed to successfully study secondary school subjects. Students commence in the level best suited to their current language ability. They are required to pass PSS before starting their secondary course.


Students in our PSS program also partake in mainstream curriculum such as Science and Physical Education classes. 


Course Content

The PSS Program is offered at different levels depending on a student’s English proficiency and learning needs. All levels help students to revise basic grammar, comprehension and vocabulary through practice in writing, speaking, reading and listening activities. They will use course notes from different subjects to learn and reinforce academic concepts and terminology that will be required for upper secondary studies. The higher levels of PSS will offer a mix of English intensive and academic teaching to help students transition smoothly into mainstream secondary classes.


Course Dates And Duration

PSS courses start on the first day of each of Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4. The number of Terms varies according to each student’s English Language proficiency and other learning needs.


Assessment And Certification

Students are assessed in writing, speaking, listening and reading tests. They receive a comprehensive report and Certificate of Study for each level successfully completed.


School Hours

8.30 – 2.30 pm (Monday – Friday)


Minimum Age

11 years



Students are required to purchase specified textbooks for each level. These are available from the School ($150-$250 depending on level).


The ASC Language School is a fully accredited member of English Australia